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I’m no fan of Phil Collins myself, however after a number of a long time it becomes tiresome studying rock journalists sneering at pop stars for committing the cardinal sin of being widespread. That episode might have discouraged Smithies from insincerely ingratiating himself with pop stars, but it surely doesn’t appear to have modified his view of popular music. But Joel did, and wrote Smithies an indignant letter asking why he hadn’t been more honest when they spoke. Phil Collins would undoubtedly have bought a significantly better press if he hadn’t been so damned normal. But Newshub hadn’t finished with Collins and National. When Sharpe approached the society’s president, Tiana Epati, for comment after he first broke the story in August, she hadn’t bothered to look into the case and wouldn’t speculate on whether it raised matters of public significance.

Marty Sharpe of the Dominion Post has one other story on the Judge Callinicos affair this morning, this time reporting a law academic’s concerns about Chief Family Court judge Jackie Moran having common meetings with Oranga Tamariki’s chief government and senior attorneys. But at the least Stuff published the tales, which is more than may be stated for its therapy of the latest disturbing claims by Ellis, which apparently warranted not a word of protection, though a replica of his letter had been sent to Sharpe. But because the expatriate New Zealand entrepreneur Claudia Batten factors out in the most recent Listener, symbols, as soon as entrenched, purchase a power of their own. This newest backdown got here as no shock to me. None of this should shock anyone. O’Brien is the worst, continuously setting out to generate battle and controversy by catching politicians out, goading them, tripping them up and asking loaded questions that she hopes will generate headlines for the six o’clock bulletin. It started with political reporter Jenna Lynch – keen-beaver apprentice to chief stirrer Tova O’Brien – asserting that National was in crisis mode following leaks to Newshub by MPs reportedly sad with Judith Collins’ leadership. Taken in isolation this can be unexceptionable, but context is every part – and this story meshed neatly with an ongoing Newshub narrative portraying National as a occasion in disarray – a “death spiral”, in O’Brien’s phrases – and never fit to govern.

There was a very good instance of her method lately when Newshub led its bulletin with a story quoting Ardern as promising a crackdown on hate speech. Last Sunday, flanked by Winston Peters and Shane Jones, Ardern introduced a $100 million fund to assist Maori landowners develop unproductive land. And Jones, in his blustering champion-of-the-folks mode, will advance grandiloquent arguments about having to make up for nine years of National Party indifference. In the perfect Labour tradition, it is going to contain spraying an incredible deal of cash around – a number of it in Northland, and focused either expressly or by implication at Maori. In that same decade, Labour misplaced its hold on Maori voters when New Zealand First, still in its infancy, received the entire five Maori seats then in existence. Kirsty Johnston, the Stuff journalist who reported the protest in help of Mrs P by women teachers and “domestic violence experts” in April, wrote a narrative printed final Friday which highlighted Young’s claim that Callinicos had bullied Mrs P and subjected her to demeaning therapy. When scientific report writers are little more than propagandists, they are going to inevitably be tempted to make use of whatever scrap of dodgy data they can discover to help their case – even to the purpose of constructing issues up. I know it’s tempting however play exhausting to get, a minimum of a little!