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160) reported a couple of form of violence. Reported greater numbers of injuries than victims of a single type of violence. The most commonly reported accidents were scratches, bruises, welts, black eyes, swelling, or busted lip; and sore muscles, sprains, or pulls. Lower than half of those injured sought healthcare for injuries. This research used a correlational design, to report bodily injury, mental health signs, and healthcare associated with violence within the dating experiences of college girls. The thick solid wall of this fortress appears related in architectural building to that of Stratum V of Tel Beersheba, the destruction of which is also related to the Shishak marketing campaign (Herzog 1993). The Lower Fortress at Tell el-Qudeirat and the Nahal Ha’Elah Fortress, both elliptical in shape, have destruction layer dates that appear older than the Solomonic interval. Given the tapestry of different ethnic groups who occupied southern Canaan at the top of the Late Bronze-early Iron Age, which group could have been liable for the construction of the KEN fortress?

Practitioners who are tasked with growing dating violence prevention methods ought to pay specific attention to danger. Findings are interpreted in mild of dating infidelity research, with a give attention to universal and culturally particular aspects. In keeping with the biblical textual content (see below, 1 Kings 22.47) Israel ruled Edom via a deputy administrator (Na’aman 2004) whose place of residence will not be recognized. While the RSV translation of the Hebrew ‘Z1L7ti is given as ‘kings’ it could higher be translated as ‘chieftains’, perhaps alongside the strains of the complex chiefdoms referred to by Sahlins (1968: 24-25) as chiefdoms organized alongside conical clan strains reminiscent of among the many nomads of Central Asia, the island societies of Polynesia and Micronesia, in Circum-Caribbean America societies and the Southwest African Bantu. As shown above, the earliest monumental building exercise documented to date at KEN is the Iron Ha four chamber gate and fortress complicated. As this twelfth-eleventh-centuries BCE metal production might only have been organized by a complex polity. The structure, in situ excavations of copper industrial stays and imports confirm two main phases of manufacturing in the 12-eleventh centuries BCE and 10-ninth centuries BCE at Khirbat en-Nahas.

With the recent large scale excavations at KEN, there may be now proof that management of copper manufacturing and commerce in copper was in all probability the principle catalyst for the rise of social complexity in Iron Age Edom. The lack of a gender-based evaluation displays a shift from a feminist framing of violence that focuses on the security and nicely-being of women and ladies based on an evaluation of gender, power, and structural inequalities, towards a conservative concentrate on individualistic solutions to gendered social issues like poverty and violence. For historic Edom, the key to the emergence of social complexity is in what happened in the lowlands-in the Faynan district, near the wealthy copper ore sources. 2004) within the historic mining district of Faynan (Biblical Edom) at Khirbat en-Nahas, which is the biggest Iron Age copper-smelting site in the southern Levant. Figure 10.21. Overview of excavations in the realm M slag mound at Khirbat en-Nahas, 2002. Note nook of building behind survey rod. Despite disagreements concerning chronology, we acknowledge the nice worth of the big quantity of fieldwork and excavations performed within the area by Dr Cohen and his colleagues, including Dr Haiman.